Admission procedure

Applications for Grade 1.

Applications for admission to Grade 1 (2015) are now closed. The last day for receiving completed applications by Registered Post, is now over.

Date of collection of Applications for Grade 1 is generally decided by mid  January. Please ring the School Office.Children need to be 5+ on or before January 31st of the year of being admitted to grade 1. Applications are given out for one week from 8.30 to 12 noon. Applications close by end March and are accepted only by Registered Post. Only applications on the prescribed form issued by the school are accepted. Only one form per person will be given, unless it is for twins.

Advertisements are placed in the Saturday Daily News on 2 different weeks in February and March regarding this.

Callers can ring the school after the 15th of January of any year, and they will be given the dates on which applications are issued.

All applications are processed before the end of Term I. All applicants are not called for an interview, neither is any reason given for the rejection of the application, other than the inability to interview all applicants.

The school has an admission policy and selections are made according to this.

Interviews for those initially selected are held before the end of April, and the second round of interviews by mid May.

Should any vacancy arise from those being selected before January of the following year, (migration etc) the school will call the next on the list from those who were initially called for an interview.

Admission to Grade 12

A few vacancies exist. Applicants have to make their own application form, indicating name, home address, school, extra-curricular activities, date of birth, contact number, results and medium and stream being applied for. Occupation and full name of parents should also be given.

As only few vacancies exist, we take in students who have obtained 6 A's or more, on a first come, first served basis.

Applications should be sent immediately after the G.C.E.Ordinary Level results are released whether it be the school holidays or not. If a certified copy of the O/Level results cannot be got, a copy from the internet will suffice for the initial application.

As we aim to get students into the school within 2 weeks of starting the 2nd term, it is best to ring the school within the 1st two days of the 2nd term, if an application has been sent and there is no reply.

Students who wish to join the English medium Science section, have to sit for a simple English test to gauge their comprehension.

There are no vacancies in other grades. However, if applications are sent by early September, the school may consider if a vacancy occurs during the course of the year, or if there is a vacancy occurring at the end of the year.

All applications are replied. While understanding your great need to get a good education for your daughter, please do understand our inability to accommodate all who apply either.